Michael Smith    

Country : ENG
Age : 30
Date Of Birth : 18/09/1990
PDPA : Yes
Tour Card : Yes
Tour Card Years : 2011-2021
Home Town : St Helens, Merseyside
Darts Sponsor : Unicorn

Best major results

World ChampionshipFinal2019
World MatchplayFinal2019
Grand SlamSemi Final2015, 2015
World Grand PrixLast 162015, 2019
Premier LeagueFinal2018
UK OpenSemi Final2019
Players Championship FinalsQuarter Final2020
European ChampionshipSemi Final2019
World Series of Darts FinalsFinal2018

Other wins

Development Tour  Winner  2012 (x5)
European Tour  Winner  2014, 2015 (x2), 2017
Players Championship  Winner  2012, 2018, 2020 (x2), 2021
UK Open Qualifier  Winner  2011
UK Open Qualifier 3  Winner  2018
UK Open Qualifier 5  Winner  2015
World Series of Darts  Winner  2018
World Youth Championship  Winner  2013


Total Prize Money£775£2,800£4,800£18,850£41,725£43,100£123,500£200,750£110,000£182,250£164,250£429,250£182,500£51,000
Titles Won00016113013331
Prize Money per Event£48£133£229£363£732£1,051£2,573£4,461£2,558£3,505£3,042£7,665£4,563£3,400

Annual Win/Loss Record

Win/Loss %51.28%42.86%54.17%62.59%71.93%65.74%71.83%70.08%51.82%66.88%68.21%63.58%66.67%72.22%

Michael Smith    Michael Smith    Michael Smith    Michael Smith    

Player Tournaments

06/03/2016UK OpenPDC MJLast 32£3,000
21/02/2016UK Open Qualifier 6PDC PTLast 64£250
20/02/2016UK Open Qualifier 5PDC PTLast 32£750
19/02/2016UK Open Qualifier 4PDC PTLast 16£1,500
14/02/2016European Tour 1PDC ETLast 16£2,000
07/02/2016UK Open Qualifier 3PDC PTQuarter Final£2,000
06/02/2016UK Open Qualifier 2PDC PTLast 64£250
05/02/2016UK Open Qualifier 1PDC PTQuarter Final£2,000
31/01/2016MastersPDC UQuarter FinalUnknown
03/01/2016World ChampionshipPDC WCQuarter Final£35,000
29/11/2015Players Championship FinalsPDC MJLast 16£7,000
22/11/2015World Series of Darts FinalsPDC ULast 24Unknown
15/11/2015Grand SlamPDC MJLast 32 Group£2,500
15/11/2015Grand SlamPDC MJSemi Final£25,000
08/11/2015Grand SlamPDC PremierSemi Final£25,000
08/11/2015Grand SlamPDC PremierGroup Winner Bonus£2,500
01/11/2015European ChampionshipPDC MJLast 16£7,000
25/10/2015Players Championship 20PDC PTLast 64£250
24/10/2015Players Championship 19PDC PTLast 128£0
18/10/2015European Tour 9PDC ETQuarter Final£3,500
10/10/2015World Grand PrixPDC MJLast 16£8,500
03/10/2015Players Championship 18PDC PTLast 16£1,500
02/10/2015Players Championship 17PDC PTLast 32£750
27/09/2015Players Championship 16PDC PTLast 16£1,500
26/09/2015Players Championship 15PDC PTLast 64£250
20/09/2015European Tour 8PDC ETLast 32£1,500
13/09/2015European Tour 7PDC ETWinner£25,000
26/07/2015World MatchplayPDC MJLast 32£6,000
12/07/2015European Tour 6PDC ETLast 16£2,000
05/07/2015Players Championship 14PDC PTSemi Final£2,500
04/07/2015Players Championship 13PDC PTLast 64£250
21/06/2015European Tour 5PDC ETWinner£25,000
07/06/2015European Tour 4PDC ETLast 16£2,000
24/05/2015Players Championship 12PDC PTSemi Final£2,500
23/05/2015Players Championship 11PDC PTLast 64£250
17/05/2015Players Championship 10PDC PTLast 64£250
16/05/2015Players Championship 9PDC PTLast 64£250
03/05/2015Players Championship 8PDC PTLast 128£0
02/05/2015Players Championship 7PDC PTLast 16£1,500
01/05/2015Players Championship 6PDC PTLast 64£250
11/04/2015Players Championship 4PDC PTLast 64£250
10/04/2015Players Championship 3PDC PTQuarter Final£2,000
06/04/2015European Tour 3PDC ETLast 32£1,500
22/03/2015European Tour 2PDC ETLast 32£1,500
15/03/2015Players Championship 2PDC PTSemi Final£2,500
14/03/2015Players Championship 1PDC PTLast 128£0
08/03/2015UK OpenPDC MJLast 64£1,500
22/02/2015UK Open Qualifier 6PDC PTLast 16£1,000
21/02/2015UK Open Qualifier 5PDC PTWinner£10,000
20/02/2015UK Open Qualifier 4PDC PTQuarter Final£1,500