Harry Ward    

Country : ENG
Age : 24
Date Of Birth : 13/06/1997
Tour Card Years : 2019-2020
Home Town : Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Best major results

World ChampionshipLast 642020
UK OpenLast 642018, 2020
Players Championship FinalsLast 642019
World Series of Darts FinalsLast 322020

Other wins

Players Championship  Winner  2019


Total Prize Money£575£3,300£4,900£6,750£5,750£36,700£20,900
Titles Won0010042
Prize Money per Event£34£83£96£132£103£524£697

Annual Win/Loss Record

Win/Loss %55.26%57.14%55.75%60.77%58.21%63.59%48.65%

Harry Ward    

Player Tournaments

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30/11/2020World Championship Tour Card Holder Qualifier 1PDC QSemi FinalUnknown
18/10/2020European Tour 3PDC ETLast 48£1,000
27/09/2020Development Tour 10PDCS DTLast 32£100
27/09/2020Development Tour 9PDCS DTQuarter Final£300
20/09/2020World Series of Darts FinalsPDC ULast 32Unknown
16/09/2020Players Championship 18PDC PTLast 128£0
15/09/2020Players Championship 17PDC PTLast 128£0
14/09/2020Players Championship 16PDC PTLast 128£0
13/09/2020Players Championship 15PDC PTLast 128£0
12/09/2020Players Championship 14PDC PTLast 64£500
11/09/2020World Series Finals Tour Card QualifierPDC QWinnerUnknown
12/07/2020Players Championship 13PDC PTLast 64£500
11/07/2020Players Championship 12PDC PTLast 128£0
10/07/2020Players Championship 11PDC PTLast 64£500
09/07/2020Players Championship 10PDC PTLast 64£500
08/07/2020Players Championship 9PDC PTLast 128£0
15/03/2020Players Championship 8PDC PTLast 128£0
14/03/2020Players Championship 7PDC PTLast 128£0
13/03/2020European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 4PDC QFinalUnknown
13/03/2020European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 3PDC QWinnerUnknown
08/03/2020UK OpenPDC MJLast 64£2,000
23/02/2020Players Championship 6PDC PTLast 128£0
22/02/2020Players Championship 5PDC PTLast 128£0
16/02/2020Players Championship 4PDC PTLast 64£500
15/02/2020Players Championship 3PDC PTLast 128£0
14/02/2020European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 2PDC QSemi FinalUnknown
14/02/2020European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 1PDC QFinalUnknown
09/02/2020Players Championship 2PDC PTLast 128£0
08/02/2020Players Championship 1PDC PTLast 128£0
01/01/2020World ChampionshipPDC WCLast 64£15,000
24/11/2019Players Championship FinalsPDC MJLast 64£2,500
24/11/2019World Youth ChampionshipPDCS WYCLast 16Unknown
04/11/2019Grand Slam Qualifier 1PDC QLast 16Unknown
03/11/2019Development Tour 19PDCS DTLast 64£50
02/11/2019Development Tour 18PDCS DTLast 64£50
02/11/2019Development Tour 17PDCS DTLast 128£0
16/10/2019World Series Finals Tour Card QualifierPDC QLast 16Unknown
15/10/2019Players Championship 30PDC PTLast 64£500
14/10/2019Players Championship 29PDC PTLast 128£0
05/10/2019Players Championship 28PDC PTLast 128£0
04/10/2019Players Championship 27PDC PTLast 64£500
22/09/2019Players Championship 26PDC PTLast 128£0
21/09/2019Players Championship 25PDC PTLast 64£500
20/09/2019European Tour UK Card Holder Qualifier 13PDC QFinalUnknown
15/09/2019European Tour 12PDC ETLast 32£2,000
11/09/2019Players Championship 24PDC PTLast 128£0
10/09/2019Players Championship 23PDC PTLast 128£0
18/08/2019Development Tour 16PDCS DTLast 16£200
18/08/2019Development Tour 15PDCS DTLast 64£50
17/08/2019Development Tour 14PDCS DTLast 32£100