Daniel Jensen    

Country : DEN
Home Town : NULL

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Win/Loss %33.33%56.25%54.05%44.44%44.00%42.86%

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01/03/2020Nordic Baltic Tour 2PDCR NBLast 64Unknown
29/02/2020European Tour Nordic and Baltic Qualifier 7PDC QQuarter Final£0
29/02/2020Nordic Baltic Tour 1PDCR NBLast 64Unknown
28/02/2020European Tour Nordic and Baltic Qualifier 6PDC QLast 16£0
13/06/2019European Tour Home Nation Qualifier 8PDC QLast 32£0
21/04/2019Development Tour 8PDCS DTLast 128£0
21/04/2019Development Tour 7PDCS DTLast 64£50
20/04/2019Development Tour 6PDCS DTLast 256£0
20/04/2019Development Tour 5PDCS DTLast 128£0
10/03/2019Development Tour 4PDCS DTLast 64£50
10/03/2019Development Tour 3PDCS DTLast 128£0
09/03/2019Development Tour 2PDCS DTLast 128£0
09/03/2019Development Tour 1PDCS DTLast 256£0
03/02/2019Nordic Baltic Tour 2PDCR NBLast 64Unknown
02/02/2019European Tour Nordic and Baltic Qualifier 6PDC QLast 16£0
02/02/2019Nordic Baltic Tour 1PDCR NBLast 32Unknown
01/02/2019European Tour Nordic and Baltic Qualifier 5PDC QSemi Final£0
31/01/2019European Tour Nordic and Baltic Qualifier 4PDC QLast 16£0
04/11/2018Development Tour 20PDCS DTLast 256£0
04/11/2018Development Tour 19PDCS DTLast 256£0
03/11/2018Development Tour 18PDCS DTLast 64£50
03/11/2018Development Tour 17PDCS DTLast 32£100
23/09/2018Development Tour 15PDCS DTLast 32£100
22/09/2018Development Tour 14PDCS DTLast 256£0
22/09/2018Development Tour 13PDCS DTLast 256£0
10/06/2018Development Tour 12PDCS DTLast 256£0
10/06/2018Development Tour 11PDCS DTLast 128£0
09/06/2018Development Tour 10PDCS DTLast 256£0
09/06/2018Development Tour 9PDCS DTLast 128£0
27/05/2018Development Tour 8PDCS DTLast 128£0
27/05/2018Development Tour 7PDCS DTLast 64£50
26/05/2018Development Tour 6PDCS DTLast 128£0
26/05/2018Development Tour 5PDCS DTLast 128£0
26/11/2017World Youth ChampionshipPDCS WYCLast 64Unknown
05/11/2017Development Tour 20PDCS DTLast 32£100
05/11/2017Development Tour 19PDCS DTLast 64£50
04/11/2017Development Tour 18PDCS DTLast 32£100
04/11/2017Development Tour 17PDCS DTLast 128£0
17/09/2017Development Tour 16PDCS DTLast 256£0
17/09/2017Development Tour 15PDCS DTLast 128£0
16/09/2017Development Tour 14PDCS DTLast 64£50
16/09/2017Development Tour 13PDCS DTLast 256£0
28/05/2017Development Tour 12PDCS DTLast 64£50
28/05/2017Development Tour 11PDCS DTLast 128£0
27/05/2017Development Tour 10PDCS DTLast 32£100
27/05/2017Development Tour 9PDCS DTLast 128£0
19/02/2017Development Tour 4PDCS DTLast 128£0
19/02/2017Development Tour 3PDCS DTLast 16£200
18/02/2017Development Tour 2PDCS DTLast 32£100
18/02/2017Development Tour 1PDCS DTLast 128£0